Weekly Bible study with small groups of BCM students!



"My favorite thing about BCM is discipleship groups! They are so important because it is a way to get plugged into a Christian community that meets outside of Thursday nights, to make friendships that will last a lifetime, and to really get this one on one spiritual environment where we can really grow deep and learn about each other, and learn about what others are going through. We can share what God has taught us individually, and grow in our faith together. The growth and the importance of these groups can not be overstated." -B. Whitted

Women's Discipleship

Caroline & Micky

Monday at 7pm

in Caroline's House

Freshmen Co-ed

Kayleigh & Nathan

Tuesday at 5pm

in the Duncan Lounge (CSC)

Men's Discipleship

Jake & Jimmy

Wednesday at 6pm

in the Duncan Lounge (CSC)


Sarah & Rance

Monday at 8pm

in the Duncan Lounge (CSC)