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Weekly Bible study with small groups of BCM students!

Discipleship Groups


"Discipleship groups was one of the first things I learned about when I went to BCM. I wanted to find a community to plug into and study the word alongside, and discipleship fit that need. I joined freshman discipleship and met some great people, built relationships, had in depth conversations, and learned to pursue the Lord in new ways. Some of my best friendships began in that circle. It had enough impact on me, in fact, that I turned around my sophomore year and led a group. It was just as rewarding and special to lead and pray as it was to receive and be prayed for. Being a part of a discipleship group is definitely a unique way that I would recommend to further your faith and foster God-centered community." -Nathan Anderson


Benjamin & Chloe
Tuesdays @ 5:30pm
Knight 302


Emily & Van
Mondays @ 8pm
Newton conference room


Kelly & Hays
Thursdays @ 12:15pm
Couches by UC pool

Freshman Co-ed

Matthew & Evan
Wednesdays @ 5pm
Newton conference room

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